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FitSchool ćwiczenia dla mózgu w klasie aktywna przerwa

1. What is the FitSchool Programme?

The main aim of the FitSchool Programme is to improve children's health by increasing the level of physical activity in schools; this will ultimately improve children’s cardiorespiratory fitness and reduce the risk of developing lifestyle diseases.

2. What is the target age group
for the FitSchool workouts?

FitSchool exercise sessions have been developed by experts for children aged 6 - 9.

The longer sessions (30-minute workouts) and short sessions (3 min workouts)
take into account the developmental stage, motor abilities
and exercise capacity of children in the target group.

3. What does it mean for a school to become a FitSchool Programme Partner?

When a school becomes a FitSchool Programme Partner, all teachers/trainers working at the school can register and use the platform by activating their individual user accounts.

4. Is it free of charge for a school to become a FitSchool Programme Partner?

Yes. There is no cost to the school for becoming a
Programme Partner. The FitSchool platform is part of the Medicover Foundation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission. The entire project is financed by it’s funders.

5. Who can become a FitSchool platform user?

The FitSchool platform can be accessed by any teacher/trainer employed by a school that has the status of FitSchool Programme Partner. Access to the platform as a User requires the activation of an individual user’s account.

6. Is access to the FitSchool platform and its use free of charge?

Yes. The User of the platform does not incur any costs for registering and using the platform. The FitSchool is a Medicover Foundation project as part of the Medicover Group corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda. The entire project is financed by the funders.

7. How long is the User’s access to the
FitSchool platform for?

The Medicover Foundation activates teachers’ user account with access to full functionality of the platform for an indefinite period of time, i.e., for the entire duration of the FitSchool Programme.

8. How is the teacher's role re-shaped when they begin to use the FitSchool platform?

Thanks to the support of the ‘virtual trainer’, the teacher/trainer using the FitSchool platform can focus on monitoring how children perform, motivate them as well as ensure safety and an individual approach to student’s needs.

9. What facilities are needed to provide P.E. classes using the FitSchool platform?

One of the aims of the FitSchool programme is to encourage the creation of new exercise spaces in schools. Such spaces should feature a large-format screen or an overhead projector in order for the ‘virtual trainer’ to be visible.
The size of the room/space for 30-minute FitSchool training sessions should
accommodate a group of 12 children as a minimum. In practice, it works well to create a FitSchool training space in a room the size of a classroom, a teaching/day care room or a mini gym. Large groups of students can exercise in a gymnasium. The 3-minute workouts, called ‘brain breaks’, are short exercise sessions to be delivered in the classroom.

Examples of FitSchool training room layouts

10. What are the technical requirements in order to use the FitSchool platform’s exercise sessions?

To use of the FitSchool platform, it is necessary for the school to provide the appropriate technical conditions:

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