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FitSchool szkolenia certyfikowane dla nauczycieli


An important objective of the FitSchool programme is to improve the competences of teachers and trainers in their role as health mentors.

The user of the platform can access a range of training modules prepared by a team of top experts:
doctors, physiologists, physical education experts, and psychologists.

Our training courses provide a reliable source of information based on up-to-date research.
After completing the online training course modules, the user receives a certificate to document their continuous professional development.

How does it work?

See a sample certificate:

FitSchool Certyfikat uczestnictwa w szkoleniach dla nauczycieli ENG


To access the full functionality of the platform, the user must complete three modules 10-20 minutes in duration


How to use FitSchool materials?


The role of the teacher in a 30-minute exercise sessions


The role of the teacher in 3-minute exercise sessions

Once you have completed the required modules, you will receive a certificate to confirm you have the required competences to facilitate exercise sessions
using the FitSchool platform.


Performing the role of a health mentor/educator requires a combination of knowledge and skills in a multiple of areas (medicine, public health, physical education, psychology).

The educational modules available for additional training
facilitate the acquisition of knowledge based on evidence from research and recommendations from widely recognised scientific communities.
The range of modules will be systematically developed to provide new content as a required by users of FitSchool.

Supplementary training modules are not obligatory.
Upon completion of each training module, the user will receive the relevant certificate.

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