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The teacher chooses a training video, and the students practice with a virtual trainer!

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The three pillars of the programme


health-promoting attitude

a chance to live a longer and healthier life

good physical fitness

lower risk of heart disease

strong core muscules

lower risk of musculoskeletal disorders


identification of health needs

effective activities to develop childrens health

scientific evidence

effective training for health

research based recommendations

considering the developmental needs and capabilities of children


virtual trainer

reorienting the role of the teacher

innovative use of classroom space

greater potential


high quality of physical education


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30-minute training sessions

for children

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"brain break" sessions

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recommend FitSchool to other teachers

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enjoy physical activities between classes
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are happy their children participate in these classes
Źródło: projekty pilotażowe FitSchool Fundacji Medicover – czerwiec 2022 i luty 2023
Źródło: projekty pilotażowe FitSchool Fundacji Medicover – czerwiec 2022 i luty 2023

Rafał Łukaszewicz, MD, PhD

specialist in internal diseases cardiologist
with many years of clinical experience, Poland
The Programme is unique…
“I recommend the use of FitSchool exercise sessions in schools on a daily basis. The idea of increasing the level of physical activity in schools by using multimedia is innovative, and it undoubtedly responds to the growing health needs of children. The Programme is unique because its authors took the utmost care to make it comprehensive and basing it on up-to-date research. Indisputably, the medical value of the programme is very high. ”

Professor Anna Dobrzańska, MD

Pediatra, Neonatolog
National Consultant in Paediatrics, Poland
I highly rate FitSchool…

“I highly rate FitSchool the idea as well as the quality of materials provided by the Programme. This initiative fits perfectly with the urgent need for action to increase the physical activity levels of children.”



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10 442No. of video views


Teacher feedback on the programme:

The platform considerably facilitates the work of a teacher, allowing to control children in the class as they work out to make sure they exercise correctly.

The presentation of the exercises by the virtual trainer significantly facilitates my work as a teacher. It enables me to observe the children as they are exercising and help them perform the exercises correctly.

It makes the teacher’s work easier. The platform, provides ready-to-use exercise sets for use at any time.

The platform provides the teacher with a ready-made tool.

The lessons with exercises run by a virtual trainer are professional and well demonstrated. With this tool, the teacher no longer needs to prepare their own exercises or lessons. Instead, the teacher’s role requires other competences, such as close focus and observation of the children, control of pace and correctness exercise form.

The teacher can use a ready lesson featuring various exercises matched to the childrens age.

It is really convenient. The platform can be used to provide P.E. classes , but also between other lessons as a short break when the teacher sees children are losing their focus, are distracted, or need an energy boost.

An excellent tool – the platform allows my P.E. classes to be enriched and varied when there is no access to gym space or when the weather prevents us from exercising outdoors.


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